Death Away From Home Can Happen Unexpectedly: Be Covered For Funeral or Repatriation Costs

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Do you travel 75 miles or further away from your home residence on an occasional basis?  Most of us travel these days, be it for pleasure, work, sport, or to visit family.  In fact, every year 80% of adults take a trip that takes them over 75 miles from home.  Read on to find out how to cover repatriation expenses with one simple assurance policy.

Did you know that for just one payment of $450 for lifetime membership – you are covered for all funeral repatriation expenses?  This would save your family around $30,000 in unexpected costs if they had to get you home for a funeral or burial service.  This is a Travel Protection Plan Assurance (TPP) underwritten by Inman Global.

If you do travel, you need to act and make a plan to protect your family.

How does the Travel Plan work?

Once enrolled a customer is covered for the repatriation of his or her mortal remains from anywhere in the world to their legal home residence*.  The death must have occurred at least 75 miles away from the legal residence.

How do I enroll in the Travel Protection Plan?

Simply, complete the form on this page, and we will send you a link to make the payment.  Once payment is received, your membership will commence.  You will receive a welcome pack with a unique TPP membership card with your membership ID and a bespoke telephone number to call in the event of a death.  Also, included is a welcome letter and change of address form.  You should carry the membership card with you when you travel, and also ensure that your family members have details of your coverage.

Why is the Travel Plan so inexpensive?

The plan can be offered at such a low cost as in reality very few plans are actually redeemed.

One of the most common questions we are asked is “why does it cost so little?”.   A sudden death away from home is not common.  If someone has health issues, they usually opt to return to their residence and access medical treatment.  This travel plan is offered at a low cost to provide you the ultimate protection & peace of mind in considering the possibility of an unexpected death when travelling.

We offer 2 options – $450 for a lifetime Individual Plan and $875 for a Couples Plan.

Inman Global underwrite the assurance and all funds are held in trust.  This plan is a ‘peace of mind’ coverage for those smart planners who travel. 

It is in place to cover an unexpected death away from home and either get your mortal remains back to the family or help them arrange death care at the place of passing.

Most of us think we are covered with travel insurance or medevac coverage, and although this may cover some (or all) medical evacuation and repatriation; it does not always fully cover mortal repatriation.  Medevac coverage is also paid on an annual basis and can cost $450 per year.

Do you need Travel Protection Plan coverage?

If you do travel, purchasing this plan could be a gift to your family and will give them such peace of mind.  You will unburden them of worry – both emotionally and financially.

If you travel to do any of the following activities – you should consider enrolling in the plan:

  • Visit family over 75 miles away
  • Attend sports or music events
  • Travel for business
  • Enjoy Cruises
  • Snowbird in warmer places such as Mexico or the Caribbean

What happens in the event of a death away from home?

One phone call to the dedicated helpline gets the ball rolling, and gets you the professional support of world-class repatriation and funeral experts.  The Inman team will coordinate all arrangements on your family’s behalf, ensuring the highest calibre of care for the deceased.

All aspects to manage the return of your loved one will be handled:

  • Arranging the collection, preparation, & shelter at the place of death.
  • Coordinating logistics to transport the deceased back to their home province.
  • Liaising with consulates, customs & POE officials, and handling any required translations of documents.
  • Obtaining death certificates and any necessary permits.

Having this first-class professional service can relieve immense stress for your family.  Repatriation of remains can be an overwhelming and complicated process.

The dedicated team will keep you up to date through all steps of this difficult process.  We fully understand how distressing it is when a loved one dies far away from home.

Can we arrange a cremation at the place of death & ship the cremated remains home?

Yes.  If a decision is made to conduct a simple cremation at the place of death, and return the cremated remains home, this can be arranged.  All arrangements will be handled by the service team in consultation with the family and a licensed funeral service location where the deceased is located.  If the family does not require the body of the deceased to be repatriated for burial, this can be a solution to handle the need for a disposition and get a loved ones’ remains home.

A ‘peace of mind’ plan to supplement any travel insurance policy

Savvy travellers may be asking “do I need a travel protection plan?”  I have travel insurance.  The plan is a one-time purchase for $450 that provides lifetime protection for repatriation expenses.  As I mentioned earlier, the potential expenses for repatriating a loved one’s body back to Canada or a home province can amount to $30,000.

This plan provides you with lifetime coverage for an affordable cost that will ensure you, and your family, are always protected from this overwhelming burden.  You also benefit from an experienced, professional funeral shipping support team.

Accidents and unexpected sudden deaths do occur, and if you just happened to be on a journey to visit family or enjoy a recreational trip without having ensured you had adequate travel insurance, it could prove overwhelming for surviving family.

Enroll today and ensure you are protected.

Fill out the form if you wish to sign up for the Travel Protection Plan.  Once we receive your details, you will be sent an email with a link to process payment, and verify your information.

If you have any questions, we can have a representative contact you.

*Legal residence for the terms of the Travel Plan shall mean the Participant’s fixed and full-time abode.  Verification of legal residence may be requested in the event of an individual’s death and the redemption of the repatriation coverage.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a participant physically lives at an address for a period of 180 days or more within the twelve (12) month period prior to the participant’s death, that address, as opposed to the current legal address identified above, will be considered the participant’s legal address. A nursing home will be deemed a participant’s legal residence if the participant stays at the nursing home for a period of 180 days or more.

If Participant enrolls in the Travel Plan while Participant is away from his or her legal residence, the plan of assistance will not become effective until the Participant has returned to his or her legal residence for subsequent travel.  The Travel Plan does not cover medical tourism.

Travel Protection Plan Application

To enroll for travel protection, complete this form and we will send you a link to make the payment.

Travel protection plan
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To enroll for travel protection, complete this form and we will send you a link to make the payment.

Travel protection plan
Would you like us to send you occasional updates by email (unsubscribe anytime)
When you submit this form we will receive the data entered and will only keep this for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry. Read our Privacy Policy here

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