Donating a body to science for medical research in Canada

Why choose whole body donation? Many Canadians today are becoming much more open to the option of donating their body to science. This openness about what death means brings with it new values, preferences, and opinions that are changing traditions and creating funeral alternatives. People want alternatives to funeral arrangements and choices concerning the final … Read more

Useful Contacts in the Canadian Funeral Industry

Funeral Service Association of Canada6-14845 Yonge Street, Suite 192Aurora, ONL4G 6H8Tel:  1-866-841-7779Fax: (905) 841-0997 Corporation des Thanatologues du Quebec3340, rue de la Perade, Bureau 200Sainte-Foy, QuebecG1X 2L7Tel:  (418) 653-9102Fax: (418) 653-3580 British Columbia Funeral Service Association1551 Pandora AvenueVictoria, British ColumbiaV8R 6P9Tel:  (604) 592-3213Fax: (604) 592-4362Toll Free: 1-800-665-3899 New Brunswick Funeral Directors & Embalmers Association515 Everard … Read more

How do I choose a Funeral Home?

To some extent, the public does not always understand or appreciate the many tasks associated with arranging for the final disposition of human remains and coordinating a meaningful ceremony for the deceased. A funeral director can complete numerous tasks that can occupy up to 80 hours. The services and human resources of a funeral home … Read more