Toronto’s oldest cemetery move the cremains of 500 people in what is thought to be the largest project of its kind in Ontario’s history

In what is thought to be the largest disinterment of human remains in Ontario’s history, the cremains of 500 people have been removed from their former resting places. The project, which is taking place at St. James Cemetery in Toronto, is an attempt to save the gravesite from erosion. This is due to the location … Read more

Who are Arbor Memorial?

Arbor Memorial Services is a Canadian-owned and based funeral company established in 1947.  Their Head Office is based in Toronto, and they own 41 cemeteries, 27 crematoria, 5 reception centres located on cemetery premises, and 92 funeral homes across the provinces of Canada. According to their company website, they serve over 18,000 Canadian families a … Read more