What to do with cremated remains?

Cremated remains, ‘cremains’, and ash scattering After a cremation is performed, the cremated remains, often referred to as cremains, are not actually “ashes” but rather dried bone fragments that have been pulverized to dust. They have a consistency not dissimilar to sand and often contain small fragments of bone. Ashes, in this way, pose no … Read more

Toronto’s oldest cemetery move the cremains of 500 people in what is thought to be the largest project of its kind in Ontario’s history

In what is thought to be the largest disinterment of human remains in Ontario’s history, the cremains of 500 people have been removed from their former resting places. The project, which is taking place at St. James Cemetery in Toronto, is an attempt to save the gravesite from erosion. This is due to the location … Read more

How to Transport Cremated Remains

This guide to shipping cremated remains aims to highlight exactly what you need to know to transport cremated remains, either within Canada or to another country. The cremation rate has risen to 73.1% as of 2020, making it the number one final disposition choice in Canada. Add to this the increased dispersion of families, as … Read more

How to create a simple cremation plan in Canada

As of 2020 the cremation rate in Canada was at an all-time high of 73% (Statista 2020), and it will likely continue to rise as families seek an affordable final arrangement for their lost loved-ones. Add to this the impact of the COVID pandemic, the fact that more people are faced with having to make … Read more

What is Direct Cremation?

The cremation rate in Canada rose from 48% in 2000 to 72% in 2018, according to the Cremation Association of North America, which uses data from provincial vital statistics departments. And it continues to rise as more families are opting for cremation as an alternative to a traditional burial service. It’s plain to see that the … Read more

Virtual Funerals and Online Memorials: How funeral homes continue to adapt to the digital revolution

Today, we are seeing more and more funeral homes adapting to the digital revolution and adopting alternative approaches such as live streaming funeral services or offering the option of arranging a funeral or cremation entirely online. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how much more important these offerings are as travel was significantly restricted, and people … Read more

Donating a body to science for medical research in Canada

Why choose whole body donation? Many Canadians today are becoming much more open to the option of donating their body to science. This openness about what death means brings with it new values, preferences, and opinions that are changing traditions and creating funeral alternatives. People want alternatives to funeral arrangements and choices concerning the final … Read more

Who are Arbor Memorial?

Arbor Memorial Services is a Canadian-owned and based funeral company established in 1947.  Their Head Office is based in Toronto, and they own 41 cemeteries, 27 crematoria, 5 reception centres located on cemetery premises, and 92 funeral homes across the provinces of Canada. According to their company website, they serve over 18,000 Canadian families a … Read more